Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May Nightstand - full of books!

What's On Your Nightstand

It has been ages since I've participated in a Nightstand post but I finally remembered to write up a post on the correct day!

I have two shelves full of library books. The top shelf is mostly adult books whereas the second shelf is full of kids' books that I am previewing for my future daughter. I'm slowly starting to build up a personal library of children's books but want to make sure they are quality books.

This first book is one I am most excited about - Dinotopia. I'm not familiar with it but a friend recommended it. We've flipped through it and the artwork is fantastic! I can't wait to read the story.

Kisses from Katie has been on my to-read list for ages and I finally borrowed it from the library. Hopefully I can finish it before it's due next week.

This last book is one I definitely need to buy. You're Loved No Matter What has been powerful and I'm only 50 pages in. I have struggled to feel worthy of love as far back as I can remember. I'm still trying to find my worth as a daughter of the King and hope that this book helps a bit.

Last but not least, I'm working my way through Christy, this month's Reading to Know bookclub selection. I definitely won't be finishing it by the end of the month but I'm glad for the chance to reread it.

What have you been reading lately? I'll be taking a flight to Taiwan later this summer and am in need of a good book, something engaging but that doesn't require a lot of thought. It's a 12 hour flight so a thick book would be great! Anything you'd highly recommend?


Julie Fukuda said...

My most recent reads were not too satisfying. One was left hanging at the end and needing to buy next in the series. The other had way too much sex. No wonder I prefer junior readers.

bekahcubed said...

I'd never heard of Dinotopia, but reading a little about them at the Amazon link makes me curious.

I read Kisses for Katie with my bookclub last year and was disappointed - Katie definitely seemed to be a compassionate girl and she is certainly helping the girls she's adopted, but while the book was sprinkled with Christianese, I didn't feel any assurance that she understood the gospel beyond "Jesus loves you". I am all about meeting practical needs - but I also feel strongly that feeding and clothing without giving the gospel merely makes people more comfortable on their way to hell. Feed and clothe AND tell people of their great sinfulness before a holy God and how that holy God has made a way for them to be made right before Him. (But I'm getting on a soapbox now...) I'll be interested in hearing your thoughts.

Drawing a blank on thick mindless books - although a fantasy might be a nice option. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Ender's Game, maybe?

Lisa notes... said...

So impressed with you learning Chinese, for the record! :) But even if you didn't, you are very loved! I think we all struggle with that from time to time.... I know God wants us all to feel how loved we are.

Kisses from Katie is an inspirational book. I finally read it last year and was amazed at how much love she's putting into the world.