Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Scripture Memory Songs - a review

Adams Group sent out an email asking if people were interested in reviewing a newly released CD titled Scripture Memory Songs. I jumped at the chance! This CD is by the same writer who wrote the book Life Not Typical, which I reviewed here. This CD includes 30 Scripture songs which are word for word from the NIV, plus nine original tracks that remind me of VBS theme songs.

I requested this CD with the hope of helping Cin-Ru memorize Bible texts. I remember learning Scripture songs as a child and enjoyed them. I can still sing a number of them even though I haven't heard them in years. I'm not sure if Cin-Ru will be interested in this style of music, as most of the songs were reminiscent of 80's children's music. She listens to Taiwanese pop, which is a far cry from this CD!

I carefully listened to every single track on the CD and liked 8 of the 39 songs. When I replayed these eight songs, I realized that most of them were stylistically different from the rest of the CD. Most of the CD is piano music with Jennifer and a small children's choir singing. The songs I liked had drums or an acoustic guitar along with the piano. This is probably a reflection of my taste in music as I mostly listen to Air1 radio.

My husband was a bit more vocal in his opinion and asked that I please not give the CD to Cin-Ru. He does not enjoy listening to children sing, especially when they are not very talented. The children on this CD are not bad singers but they are also not talented. Ms. Shaw has a beautiful voice and I felt like the CD would have been better had she been the only one singing. Jeff also found the scripture references at the end of each song rather jarring.

Overall, I think I will keep the eight songs that I really liked and create my own playlist. I think the album is a great idea but it wasn't my taste in music and felt dated. Hopefully it will appeal to children but I'm not sure it will appeal to my 13 year old who is coming from a secular background and is accustomed to Taiwanese and Chinese pop music.

You can preview the CD here if you want to see if your children would be interested in this style of music! Track 11 was my favorite!

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