Monday, May 11, 2015

Upcoming Skype call - what to do?

We are preparing for our Skype call on Friday and are running into a bit of a dilemma. We're not sure what to prepare! Cin-Ru is really shy with us. She will answer our questions but has only asked a couple of her own, even when prompted. I can tell that Cin-Ru is a hands-on kiddo and not really one for conversation with strangers (I don't blame her!).

So far, we have:

asked her a bunch of questions
showed her Mandarin books
showed Taiwanese snacks available here
toured the house
held up a few outfits for her
watched her open two care packages
decorated cookies
showed her a birthday cake we baked for her
played with the cat
showed off toys like puzzles, sticker books, art supplies

I'm not sure what else to do! We have a ton more questions we can ask and will continue working our way down the list. I have a fun picture book to read her. I still haven't been able to read the paragraph I wrote in Chinese, due to the audio issues during the last two calls. What else?

We walked around the toy and craft departments at Fred Meyer tonight, trying to come up with ideas of something we could do that she'd be interested in watching. We left with the store with nothing. The closest we came to buying something was a travel sized version of this game:

Unfortunately, it seemed like a dumbed down version of the game I played as a child. I don't know if the newer ones are all like that, but it played a really annoying song between each game and never gave us more than four beats to repeat. I remember going up to 8 or 10 in the pattern but this one seemed really simple.

We have three days to come up with something. If you have any ideas, please let me know! When I posted on Facebook asking for ideas, almost everyone had talkative kids. We can't rely on conversation alone to carry us through a 30 to 45 minute long call. So what worked for them definitely won't work for us!

I can't wait to see Cin-Ru and find out how she's doing! I just hope she doesn't find us boring.


Ann HisGraceToMe said...

My idea is to perhaps play a game with modeling clay. You make something and she has to try and guess what it is within a certain time frame. If she has access to clay in time for the Skype call, she could do the same thing.

Cassandra said...

Ann, thank you!! I have a set of play dough and that would be fun! Thank you for the suggestion!

Anonymous said...

Since she enjoys reading, perhaps you might ask her to tell you her favorite stories: not just a list, but TELL them as if she is a teacher and you her student. I think that many people find it easier to talk about something other than themselves such as hobbies, school, places they like to go, &c. Has she got a favorite activity or even TV show? You might show her pictures of places you like to go around the Pacific NW; I make no doubt that it's a good bit different than where she is!

Cassandra said...

Thank you for the suggestions, Jim!! I really appreciate it!!