Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blogging Through the Gospels - Matthew 5

Today there was so much packed into the reading. Words of encouragement, the sermon on the mount, further explanation of the Torah. However, during this study of the Gospels, I am trying to focus on what I can learn about God Himself. I hope to discover further insight into some of the questions such as: "Is the God of the Old Testament different than the God of the New?" "Is God the Father more demanding/frightening than God the Son?"

S: Scripture

Matthew 5:2 “Then He opened His mouth and taught them saying:”

O: Observation

God wants us to have wisdom and knowledge. Jesus sat down and personally taught the disciples, explaining the Torah to them.

A: Application

I don’t have the opportunity to talk to Jesus face to face. But I can still read His words in the Gospels. In this chapter, Jesus shares encouragement, further clarification on the law, and instruction on how to be more like the Father. We are not left in the dark.

P: Prayer

Lord, thank You for sending Jesus to this earth. Thank You that I can learn more about You through the words that Christ taught His disciples while He was here. Please help me to listen and learn more about You. Amen.

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Missie said...

Amen! Sometimes I forget what a blessing having a bible is