Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

We were on vacation last week, a stay-cation. We stayed home most of the week, ran a few errands, and visited the Phoenix Art Museum. It was great!

Usually I write our meal plans on Thursdays and have a shopping list completed by Friday afternoon. That makes it easy for us to shop for groceries if we venture out on Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Because of our vacation, I didn't do my normal menu planning for this week and ended up picking pretty easy dishes. Next week, I'll get back to trying new recipes!

Sunday - Tacos
Monday - Greek pitas
Tuesday - Soba noodles & gyoza
Wed - Spaghetti (jarred sauce)
Thursday - Hot dogs
Friday - Riblets and mashed potatoes/gravy
Sabbath lunch - Mushroom Udon (not homemade, unfortunately. Must learn how to make this!)

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