Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project progress!

I decided to hold off on posting my thoughts on today's Gospel reading. The verse I want to write about involves the Sabbath so I thought I'd wait until Sabbath to post it.

This week, I have been kicking myself off the internet and pushing myself to be productive. I have gotten so much done!

Projects finished

  • Taxes
  • Package for Japan
  • Package for hubby's parents
  • Remembering the Kanji - 3 month project
  • Ordered my bridesmaid dress - hopefully it fits!

Projects in progress - intended completion dates in parenthesis
  • My grandpa's quilt - next on the list, must finish! (end of April)
  • Several book reviews for various publishers (end of April)
  • Kanji supplement - only 98 more kanji to learn (out of 157, end of April)
  • Quilt for the church (beginning of May)
  • Order/find accessories for my bridesmaid dress - shoes, hair pins (end of May)
  • Clean/organize spare bedroom (end of June)
  • Homemaking binder (whenever)

Projects to start
  • Clean out oversized clothes in my closet and put together a list of clothes needed (Memorial Day weekend shopping trip planned)
  • Quilt for my nephew (end of June)
  • Overhaul my recipe book (whenever)
  • Research zero waste households (whenever)
  • Redo my blog design (July?)

It looks like quite a list but it feels like I've made progress just writing everything down and assigning due dates. Now to start tackling the list!


Ruth MacC said...

Hi Cassandra, looks like you have quite a bit done. I have a friend who makes llists all the time, starts projects and almost never finishes them, but, I think she feels a certain sence of satisfaction and achevement in making her lists. I think in hyour case you will get all your projects done though :0)
Good luck.

Anonymous said...


It sounds like you are going to be one busy lady! :)

-L. Rose

Becky said...

YAY!!! You're making progress! I sure hope your dress fits, too! Did you order the one you sent me a link to? It sure was pretty!