Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bible in 90 Days - Day 72

Today I finished Mark, reading Mark 10 through Luke 2. While Mark does cover a few details that the other gospels don't, there were no additional stories unique to Mark.

I noticed something today that made me very uncomfortable. As I was reading through the stories, I realized that I was concentrating on what other people were doing. For instance, in reading the story of Christ and the rich young ruler, I was focusing on the rich young ruler. In the story of Jesus and Caiaphas, I focused on Caiaphas and the false witnesses. While I believe there is much to learn from the stories of other human beings, my focus is in the wrong place.

The Bible is supposed to be a revelation of Jesus Christ and His Father. While reading it, I should be concentrating on what I can learn about God. Learning from the mistakes of others is beneficial. However, I want to be like God. In order to do that, I must study the character of God, His actions while on Earth, and how He deals with people. To become more like Christ, I must study Christ more than I study other sinful people.

I'm going to read the Bible again and intentionally direct my focus to God instead of people. I think I'll learn more that way.

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