Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bible in 90 Days - Day 79

Today's reading was Acts 17 through 28. Paul was certainly blessed and saved from many dangers. He was saved from being persecuted by the Jews because he was a Roman. He survived a shipwreck, a storm, and a poisonous snake bite. And this was all in quick succession!

I don't have any stories of God saving me from death by persecution or disaster. But I do have other practical stories of how God has led in my life. One of the clearest examples is how I've been in five car accidents and only have a twinge in my shoulder because of it. I was protected in each car accident when the other drivers were not paying attention.

Also, last year both my husband and I were out of work for six months. In that time, we had a bit of help from family members and very small unemployment checks. That income did not add up to our expenses/bills/debt payment. And yet we were able to pay tithe and pay every single bill that was due during that six month period. On time. It was a miracle because no accountant could have made that situation work.

God is very, very good. We just have to open our eyes and see it.

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