Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bible in 90 Days - Day 27

Today's reading (2 Kings 5 through 15) was mostly a list of kings who ruled over Israel and Judah. Recorded was each king's rise to power, length of rule, age at time of death, and whether or not that king followed the Lord. There wasn't much information about the king other than if he failed to tear down the high places or if there was a war during his reign. The Bible covers so much history but very few of the stories are detailed. We'll have the opportunity to learn a lot when we're in heaven.

One of my favorite Bible stories when I was a child was Elisha making an axe head float. I don't why, but that story always delighted me. We had some Bible Story books and I loved looking at the pictures. Elisha standing by the river Jordan. The axe head sinking to the bottom of the water. Elisha throwing a stick into the river. A man wading into the water to collect the floating axe head!

That story is a miracle, but it doesn't fit with the normal records of miracles. God used Elisha to raise two boys from the dead, help Jehoram defeat Moab in battle, purify a stream, make poisoned food edible, cure Naaman from leoprosy... And then Elisha and God cause an axe head to float on the water! It was a borrowed axe and the user was worried he wouldn't be able to return it.

God cares about even the little things. He takes care of our food, gives us life, gives us health, and keeps us safe. But God also cares when we lose a belonging! That amazes me.

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