Friday, January 22, 2010

Tornado watch!

We had a huge storm yesterday evening. The weather service issued a tornado watch for our area. This is highly unusual. Even during our normal two week rainy season we don't get tornado watches. I didn't have to venture outside during the storm, though my hubby had to drive home from work through the heavy rains.

We heard a big boom and ran to the window. Our poor tree!

This tree provided our shade. It blocked a portion of the view of the street. It made me feel like I wasn't living in the middle of a giant city. And now it's gone.

I'm guessing the ground became so waterlogged that the roots just gave way when the wind picked up. The grounds crew came and cut up the tree this morning. The only evidence that we once had a beautiful tree outside our patio is the giant hole in the dirt.

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~*Mona*~ said...

Wow! That is really too bad :o( I love trees and I love the privacy that they give me...