Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kitty Post

I need a fluffy post!

This is Susano. He is the first kitten we adopted after we married. For the first few months after we brought him home, he was a cuddler. He wanted to be on someone's lap, anyone!, all the time. Then he started terrorizing the house and picking on us. That cat has sharp claws. He has a twitch on one side of his face and the vet couldn't diagnose what was wrong. I think it makes him a bit mean sometimes.

We adopted another cat, older and bigger, who could possibly put Susano in his place. Fiona seemed like a good candidate for that but she's really laid back and didn't help Susano's behavior. Finally, Susano grew out of his terror stage and then he was just hands off.

Recently, Susano started being clingy again. When we sit at our computers, he walks over, stretches toward us, and digs his claws into our leg. That's how he lets us know that he wants picked up and put on our laps. Yesterday, I was kneeling on my office chair talking to my hubby. Susano decided he wanted to curl up on me. I didn't move, curious about what he would do. He curled up on the back of my legs! Silly kitten...

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Michelle said...

I love cats. My cat and I have been together for eight years now and as finicky and ornery as he is, I wouldn't trade him for a million kittens. :)